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45th Anniversary Celebration Weekend - May 17-18, 2014  - All Alumni Families are invited.
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February 28, 2014

Dear BCBC Alumni Member Families

It is a BIG year for the British Columbia Boys Choir as we celebrate our 45th Anniversary and I hope that you are planning to attend our special Anniversary Reunion Weekend on May 17 - 18, 2014 either as a spectator or as a performer on stage in our Alumni Choir.  Gerald van Wyck and Tony Araujo have chosen the music and are looking forward to seeing you!  (Don't worry if you have not sung for a while - it will come back to you!)

Please find a Registration Form enclosed - you may complete this electronically online or by paper and either scan, fax or post to us. A reminder to please pass this onto your family members!

Last summer, we sent out a notice that a BOOK on the history of the BCBC was being written and we needed your stories. Over 30 alumni members and family members responded. Sadly, Robert Buller, the writer and publisher of the book passed away very suddenly last October.  However, I am pleased to report that the book will be completed in time for our Anniversary by Rosemary Phillips. She has worked with the Choir as a writer for the last 15 years and was assisting Robert with the BOOK.

The one thing that has become very clear as we have been interviewing people for our book, is that the British Columbia Boys Choir is small, but mighty and never gives up!  The Choir and its members have toured the globe from year one and NO BOY has ever been turned away, based on financial need.  This policy remains today.  This also means the Choir has always had a financial shortfall during our touring years.  During this Anniversary year, if you are in a position to make a donation, the BCBC would be most grateful. Thank you for considering this request.

If you have questions please call or email me. Eric Biskupski, BCBC Alumnus is also assisting with the coordination of this Anniversary Weekend.

I look forward to seeing you on May 17 and 18th. It is time to celebrate!

Kindest Regards

Margot Holmes, Executive Director

45th Anniversary Registration Form - complete this online or print off a copy and email, post or fax.

Register online here

British Columbia Boys Choir alumni are invited to get connected to other BCBC Alumni by signing up on Facebook British Columbia Boys Choir Alumni Group.

Thank you to all the alumni that came out to sing with the Choir at our 40th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday December 21, 2008. It was wonderful to see so many alumni and friends and family in the audience for this event.

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